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So Osama Bin Laden is dead.

America has only one thing to say:

Comic Book Shoes

Look at what I made, you guyz~

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Title: Alfred and Arthur as Captain America and Captain Britain!
Artist: Me - colevic 
Rating: G
Work done for the 2011 Spring Fan-fic/art-athon. The prompt was "America as Captain America and Britain as Captain Britain."


A Southern Bell Spring Break

So this spring break, I went to Charleston, South Carolina. I absolutely love growing up in the south. I live near Atlanta so my surroundings are pretty modern (not that I don't mind - there's a lot of stuff to do in Hotlanta), but when I get the chance to go to an old, southern city like Charleston, it makes me all happy. Like I could be Scarlett O'Hara and not feel guilty about it.

Charleston has it's historical aspects, but it's also a hot spot for college students too. Sweet jesus -- it was St. Patty's Day when I was in the city. Sooooo many drunk kids. But it was fun. There's a lot of art students there, so that also made me feel like a happy dork seeing all these people walking around with portfolios. And The Citadel is located in Charleston so there were a lot of really hot, rich, proper guys around hur huuuuur.  

Oh, I went crazy with pictures in this city. But I'll spare you and show you my main favorites: 



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This is what happens...

...when I have cabin fever.

This is MADNESS I say!Collapse )

[Secret Santa] A Day With You

Title: A Day With You
Artist: Me -
Parings: US/UK
Rating: G
I was stuck between the prompts: "Something set during the confluence of the Gilded Age (1869-1896) and the Victorian era (1837-1901)" and "Contentment. Something showing them completely and utterly content." So I drew America and England spending a day together, enjoying each other's company, and just being happy -- while dressed in Victorian/Gilded Age clothing with a modern twist.
I hope you like it. :)

A day with you is a perfect day. Collapse )

...I'd be happy.

Lately, I've been coming home from work feeling like the most inadequate person. I'm a waitress. For anyone who has ever worked in the customer service industry, you'd know that feeling beneath people and feeling inadequate is an everyday thing. But see, I can put up crap from customers with situational value systems. I can deal with whiny kids, snickering and/or snide women, and grumpy old men giving shitty tips. Fine. But I can't deal with having to put up with dissatisfaction from the people I work with. I'm around these people a lot, so when I disappoint someone or feel bad for doing something that, deep down, I should have done for the sake of my co-workers, I'm guilt-ridden and ashamed of myself. 

Or, on the other hand, if attitudes from my bosses are not good to begin with, and the frustration is taken out on me, I get extremely put down. I don't want to disappoint them or my co-workers. To me, disappointment hurts. 

Doing this job for 2 dollars an hour is hard work. And having to interact with people you'd rather kick in the face (i.e. customers) destroys your happiness. Some days, I come home from work thinking about what my boss yelled at me for or remembering a certain customer's bad attitude after kissing their ass, and I immediately feel like going to bed and crying myself to sleep at night. It's not every day this happens -- it just takes enough of these incidents over a period of time before it builds and builds, and then explodes. 

It's stressful. 

Plus, college right now isn't a load of fun. It's just more work on top of work. I've got two essays plus a presentation to finish in less than two weeks plus finals. Dammit. 

Writing my feelings out here is the only way I think I can calm down. I have no one else to talk to, since most of my friends have forgotten about me or have changed too much to the point where I can't connect with them anymore. Sorry if any of ya'll are reading this, by the way (which I doubt you are). 

Anyways, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I mind as well write about some things that I'm grateful for before this becomes too depressing: 

1) My parents. They're the best fucking parents in the world and I'm so grateful for them. 
2) Knowing that I will not be a waitress forever. 
3) My country, the United States of America. Knowing that I can put my head down at night feeling safe and secure, having my rights and freedoms when so many other women in this world don't have any, and having the opportunities to be anything I want to be, is a blessing. 
4) My bed. My bed is awesome. And so is my house. I'm thankful for not being homeless. 
5) Chocolate. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for chocolate. 
6) My health.  
7) And, of course, the internet. 

That's all I've got, cause it's 2:30 in the morning and I'd much rather be unconscious right now. Night-night.  

Mon Art

Some more Hetalia stuff I've done with my new tablet. I decided to practice my "realistic" style this time.

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I just had to post this, cause I'm excited about the Captain America movie.
Chris Evans will always be my America/Alfred F. Jones (I mean, c'mon. If you slapped a pair of glasses on his face, he would be). I CANNOT UNSEE IT.  

Yes please. <3

I hope this movie is gonna be good. There hasn't been any decent movies out lately, and quite frankly, this one will make my inner nerd totally happy.

And for Halloween, I was Hit Girl. I really wanna re-vamp my outfit and make it more awesome; like, as close to the actual Hit Girl outfit as possible. I'm thinking it will be for AWA next year or something. I'll either go as Hit Girl or an aviatrix, cause I have a few things for that already.


Okay, I have not been posting any art recently. And I apologize. I suppose it's mostly because 1) I'm lazy when it comes to posting things, 2) I lack the confidence sometimes to post stuff (like my doodles from my last post? Yeah, shitty stuff. Why did I post that? xD), and 3) I lacked the materials to do so (i.e - I didn't have a scanner nor a drawing tablet at the time).


I've had a job for quite a while. Which means I bought I drawing tablet. :D My inner muse is so happy. I've drawn a few things or at least I'm in the process of drawing things. I feel more confident with it, because now my art doesn't have such poor quality. And coloring is not as much of a challenge anymore. 

Here's one of my latest drawings with my tablet. <3 Mollie/Uday: